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Commercial Access Control Systems

• Pure Access Control
• Integrated w/ Intrusion Alarm Systems
• Integrated w/ Fire Alarm Systems
• Integrated w/ Digital Video Surveillance
• Integrated w/ Photo ID Badging Systems
• Integrated w/ Telephone Entry & Intercom Systems

Access control involves controlling and monitoring the movement of people or vehicles through secured access points such as doors, turnstiles and parking lot barriers. Access control systems can regulate access to valuable inventory and corporate records with electronic locking systems that are released when a user presents a valid data card to a respective card reader. In addition, an audit trail (name/date/time/location) is generated with each card scan. This technology affords you to the ability to decide who goes where in your building – and at what time – so that only authorized individuals may gain entry.

Alarm Services of Central New York can integrate your access control system with traditional intrusion, fire, video and building telephone entry systems, for more unified, comprehensive, safety and security.  

Also, we can combine photo identification systems and access control system options that allow organizations to implement dependable, easy-to-use solutions that meet the most demanding needs and budgets.

Whether you need a basic access control system for your business, or a system that is integrated with other electronic safety and security technologies, Alarm Services of Central New York will provide an economically feasible solution for you and your business.  

Available Options

• Activity reports for employee access verification
• Intrusion alarm system deactivation with authorized entrance
• Automatic unlocking of electronically locked doors during fire alarm condition
• Multiple door access control – structured authorization levels
• Schedule control – date / time – door lock / unlock
• Remote off-site control of system management

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