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Commercial System Monitoring

Commercial System Monitoring

All alarm signals are received at our U.L. Listed Central Station monitoring center that is staffed around the clock with operators that are trained to handle emergency situations.

In addition, Alarm Services of Central New York offers digital wireless alarm monitoring that transmits alarm systems
instantly in the event of phone service disruption.

We monitor the following  commercial system conditions:  

Fire, Sprinkler Water Flow • IntrusionDuress CodeSeparate Areas – Same SystemDaily TestArm / Disarm Signals Fail to Arm / Unauthorized Disarm • Late to Arm / Fail to Disarm Cellular Communication Back-up • Hold UpEmergency / PanicElectrical Power FailureElevator EmergencyTemperatureMoistureGasSump PumpEnergy Management

For more information, please contact us toll free at
1-888-467-5228 or email tim@as-cny.com

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